San Carlo Suite Torino

For a lovely stay

At the San Carlo Suite you will experience an unforgettable stay. The property is located in the heart of Turin, on the fourth floor of the historic Palazzo Turinetti di Cambiano, now Giriodi di Monastero Panissera home to a curious past: it is said, in fact, that on the stone sill of one of the windows of the corner room, one can still read an affectionate expression engraved between 1773 and 1775 by Gabriella Falletti of Villafalletto, Marchioness of Cambiano. The dedication is addressed to her young lover, the famous poet Vittorio Alfieri who lived opposite in the palace of the Counts Villa. The design of the residence is characterized by the use of fine materials that create unprecedented combinations of surfaces and color harmonies that give the environment a warm and intimate atmosphere.

An enchanting and unexpected oasis of exclusive tranquility immersed in the magic of the city center that allows guests to experience an unforgettable and quality stay.

Services and Experiences

At the San Carlo Suite every service is designed to amaze you. From the fantastic breakfast of the Stratta pastry shop to the elegant Sinatra Urban SPA.

Your experience starts here

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